After requesting a card, you can track the movement of your card from the moment you made the request until it gets delivered to you.

To track your card, follow the steps below;

  • Launch the Eyowo X app and login to your Eyowo Account

  • Tap on the “GO” button

  • Select “Physical Cards”

  • Tap on “Track your Card” button

  • You get a checklist of each stages of your card movement which are:

    • Card requested means we are preparing the canvas to design your beautiful #BetterCard

    • Card made means your card is ready and will be on its way to you now.

    • Card in transit means this is the time to keep your phone close to you, you will get a call from the dispatch rider soon.

    • Card delivered means your card has been delivered to you and you can activate at any Zenith or Providus ATM

  • Click on “Activate Your Card” once your card has been delivered.

You can update your delivery address before the card is in transit by clicking on “Update Delivery Address”

Note: At each stages of your card journey , you will be notified in app and a call or text message from the dispatch rider.

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