The next Tier level is Tier 2. This Tier allows you to do all in Tier 1 and more.

You can request a physical Debit Card, Request Physical Card, Create Personal Account, Add Money with a debit Card and Create Business Account on this Tier

Tier 2 Transaction limit: You would have a daily limit of 200,000 Naira and 50,000 Naira per transaction.

All you need is your BVN details, Here is how you can upgrade to Tier 2;

  1. Launch your Eyowo App and login into your Account

  2. Tap on the "More" icon and tap on the "Upgrade" button

  3. Select "Link your BVN"

  4. Enter your BVN, If you can't remember your BVN, please dial *565*0# on the mobile number linked to your BVN

  5. Input your BVN and tap on the “Send OTP” button.

  6. Enter the OTP sent to the mobile number linked to your BVN

  7. Tap on the “Verify BVN” button.

If you do not have access to your mobile number and you are unable to receive OTP, don't worry, we got you.

Follow the steps below to link your BVN successfully;

  1. From Step 6 where you are required to enter the OTP, click on the “Try another method” link

  2. You would be required to input two pieces of information linked to your phone number which could be your mobile number, Date of Birth, First Name or Last Name

  3. Enter the information and tap on the “Verify BVN” button

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