Keeping your personal and business accounts separate is vital to successfully managing business finances. With Eyowo, you can create a business account that allows you to manage your finances.

The steps below will guide on how to create a business account;

  • Launch the Mobile App or click on this link if you are using the web

  • Login to your Eyowo Account with your Phone number and password

  • Click on “GO”

  • Select “Account Manager”

  • Click on the (+) on the mobile app and select “Business Account” or click on “Add New” button next to Business if you are using the web

  • Tap to upload Business Logo

  • Input your Business Name, select Business Category, input your Business RC number.

  • Upload your CAC documents

  • Click on “Verify your Business” or “Continue’ if you are using the web

  • Enter the Registration Date in the format YYYY-MM-DD and click on “Verify”

NOTE: The RC number and registration date inputted must match the RC number and Registration date on the CAC document.

The Name of the Business entered must match with the Name of the Business on the CAC Document, this is Case sensitive.

You are Good to GO 💃

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