We understand that you are forward-thinking and you care about your finances. To be honest, we care too! That’s why we created a feature for you to manage your spending effectively.

Want to see how? Come on!

  • Login to your Eyowo Account

  • Click on the three-dot () under the Account Section if you are using the web or click on “Go” and select “save” if you are using the Mobile App

  • Choose “Set up spend control” on the Web or select “Controls” for Mobile App users

  • Click on the “Start now” button and select if you would like your budget to run weekly or monthly

  • Set your spending limit by inputting the amount you want to spend

  • You can choose to split your spending across categories e.g. Transport, Food, Shopping, etc

  • Input the Amount you would like to split across each category, if you choose not to split, please skip to the next step

  • Select the Account you are applying this limit on.

  • Click on the “Create budget” button if you using the web or click on “Continue” and Create budget” if you are using the Mobile App

NOTE: You can edit, disable or delete the budget created anytime.

There you have it, Your spending control!😁

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