Ever been in an uncomfortable situation where you need to quickly use your bank application and the first thing that pops up on your screen is your account balance? especially when you have done your best to beat the price of a commodity you are purchasing, Not to worry, Eyowo has just the right feature for you.

On Eyowo, you can decide to hide your balance when you log in to your mobile application or our web platform. To achieve this, follow the steps below :

  1. Launch your Eyowo application and log in to your Account

  2. On your home page, where you see your balance, simply click on your balance.

  3. A page pops up on your screen, this screen summarizes your account details. At the bottom of the page is a toggle button, to show your account balance, simply turn it off.

Well, there you have it, privacy and confidence when launching your Eyowo app in public.

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