Can’t stand the stress of requesting money the conventional way? Or you are just uncomfortable with reaching out personally? We got you!

With the Request Money feature, you can easily request money from Eyowo users. To request money simply follow the steps below and you’re good to go.

  • Launch the Eyowo app

  • Click Go on the home page

  • Select Request Money

  • Input the amount you are requesting

  • Select the requestee’s Eyowo phone number (The number must be listed on your phone’s contact)

  • Add a note (compulsory)

  • Click on Request Money

  • Input your password

And that’s it! Your request has been successfully sent. You will receive a notification if your request was accepted or rejected.

Pssst, want to request money from multiple people? Click this link to learn more *wink emoji*

NOTE: If your request Is not approved within 24 hours it expires.

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