Do you need to send money to a bank account? and you are stuck 😔. Do not worry 🤗, simply follow the steps highlighted below and let Eyowo get the money to its destination 😊:

  • Select the "Go" button on the home page.

  • Select the "Send to Bank account" Option on the list provided.

  • You have the option to choose from an existing list of beneficiaries or create a new Beneficiary.

    Creating a new beneficiary

    • Select the bank of the beneficiary

    • input the account number of the beneficiary

    Selecting an Existing Beneficiary

    • Select the beneficiary to which you want to send money.

  • Input the amount which you want to send.

  • Add remarks, this is optional.

  • Click on "Continue"

  • Confirm the transaction with your Pin or Biometric method

Voila, your transaction has been initiated.

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