Set up delivery fees

  1. Click on ‘Sales Channels’ on the Kwiksell home page

  2. Select ‘Online store’

  3. Click on ‘Setup online store

  4. Click on ‘Preferences’ to set your online store preferences for delivery and payment

5. Select ‘Enable delivery’ to set your delivery fee based on area.

6. Click on ‘+add delivery fee’ to add delivery area and fee

7. Select ‘Enable pickup’ to set your pickup information

8. Click on ‘+add pickup location’ to add the store location and contact phone number for customer pickup

Create Delivery payment option(s)

Define how you want to receive payments for deliveries;

  1. Select payment preference (Enable online payment or pay on delivery/fulfilment)

  2. Select order preference

  3. Select inventory location preference. You can make it a sales channel or just a warehouse (inventory store)

  4. Click on the preview to confirm your details

  5. Click on ‘done

  6. Click on ‘copy link’ to share your online store with your customers.

If you need additional help, please contact us using the live chat feature in the app or send us an email via and we would be happy to help 😊

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