If you have a product that comes in different sizes, colours or formats, variant helps you capture that. Variants help to set up multiple options for each item, this can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Click on ‘Items’ on the Kwiksell home page

  2. Click on ‘add item’ on the right corner

  3. Click on Add option’ on the ‘Variants’ subheader

4. Input option name e.g protein

5. Input option value

6. Click on ‘add another option to add as many variants as required

7. Variants can be edited or removed as necessary

8. Click on ‘save’ to save

9. Click on ‘discard’ to undo edit

If you need additional help, please contact us using the live chat feature in the app or send us an email via xperts@softcom.xyz and we would be happy to help 😊

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