Selling online is easy on Kwiksell. You don't need to build a website. Here is how to set it up;

  1. Click on ‘Sales Channels’ on the Kwiksell home page

  2. Select ‘Online store’

  3. Click on ‘Setup online store’

4. To get started, click on ‘Customization’ to customize your online store

5. Update basic details (store title, store URL/code and a short description of the store)

6. Select ‘use store title as logo’ (optional)

7. Select a theme that suits your business (Food theme or retail theme)

8. Select a theme mode (light theme or dark theme)

9. Provide all the contact and social details that apply to your business

10. Provide a short description of your business under the "about your store"

And that's it! You're ready to sell online.

If you need additional help, please contact us using the live chat feature in the app or send us an email via and we would be happy to help 😊

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